A Whole Lot of Onesies

I learned recently that having a baby shower when you already have a child is about as rare as having men on the guest list. Personally, I think every time there is baby on the way there should be a party. I understand the logistics of it and realize men don’t like to play silly games, but it kind of bums me out to think that my brother Mike got a party thrown for him when he was in the womb and I didn’t. Expect an invite even if you are male to the parties we’re going to throw one day when Sara is with child.

But that’s not the real reason for this post. I have a nephew waiting to make his debut some time in August and since not many people made it to Kentucky for her shower before Ella was born (Sara was there and I got to show up at the end), she was given another baby shower for baby No. 2. I wasn’t invited, but I did get to participate in the super cool and creative (as everything our amazing friends Loreli and Ed are involved in is) onesy-making ahead of time. We made our nephew a Wompus (Delanco Camp’s unofficial mascot), which I thought looked pretty cool hanging on the clothesline in the photos Sara took.

You can see more photos HERE, HERE and HERE. I can’t wait to see my nephew wearing these.

One thought on “A Whole Lot of Onesies

  1. Faith

    I’m sorry, Matt. You could’ve stayed. Mike was doing a youth event–my experience has been that guys kind of roll their eyes or snooze through the whole thing. Glad you are a “real man” and are interested in babies. You’ll be a good dad someday.


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